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Sally Rooney

Normal People by Sally Rooney


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"Normal People" by Sally Rooney is a deeply compelling exploration of love, power dynamics, and the subtleties of human connection. This novel navigates the complex relationship between two individuals, Connell and Marianne, who despite their different backgrounds find a strange comfort in each other.

Rooney beautifully crafts an intimate narrative set in a small town in Ireland, tracing the protagonists' journey from high school into their undergraduate years at Trinity College. The novel’s magnetic pull lies in its sharp, psychological insight, realistic portrayal of modern love, and the unraveling of the protagonists' intellectual and emotional lives.

An exceptional portrayal of youth, "Normal People" captures the complexities of growing up, the pains of social class, and the intensity of first love. It’s a story about the intricate entanglement of two people marked by tenderness, silent understanding, and a connection that endures despite life's shifting circumstances. Reading this book feels like an act of peering into two souls intertwined and set bare for all to see.

Normal People by Sally Rooney

Normal People by Sally Rooney


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